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WorldEdit fixed / the future of MCT...

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Great news, WorldEdit should now finally be working for everyone that has access to it. All plugins have been updated, and we're running on the latest version of PaperSpigot. Please note MyPet data had to be reset.

I do also have something slightly more serious to note -- I'm thinking of pulling the plug on the server. While it's been fun to play with everyone once again, Minecraft isn't quite what it once was anymore. Without being able to pull in new players and build a community where eventually perhaps a few people would be willing to help contribute to server costs, I am continuing to fund MCT out of pocket. £35 a month doesn't sound like a lot on paper, but as some of you are aware my financial situation isn't great and every penny counts at the moment, especially at this time of year. This isn't a call for donations either - I don't think it is fair for just a couple of individuals to be funding the server.
My vision for the relaunch was always to make 'just enough' to...

Access old world data / WorldEdit fixed

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WorldEdit should now be working properly again for all those with access to it :)

'Old' world data from before the reset is now available to all architect+ members.

Please access it via the portal immediately beyond the spawn in the flat creative world.

This world data will be removed on November 1st - please ensure you copy and paste your stuff over ASAP :)

How to join Minecraft Town

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Registering to become a member of Minecraft Town will allow you to build on the server and is easy and free!

Just follow the four simple steps...

Step 1

While logged in on the server, type the /register command

Step 2
Click on the link that appears in chat

Step 3
Fill out the short registration form.

Step 4
Click on the link we send to the email address you entered (Please check your junk/spam if it doesn't appear)

And that's it!
After completing the easy registration process, you will be automatically be ranked up from guest to member on the server.

If your rank does not appear after 5 minutes, try logging out and back into the server, or contact a mod/admin for further assistance!